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  1. Monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Hello and welcome to this thread. I think some of you guys know me from previous server Imperium where I was trying my hardest to be reliable staff member, after some of us heard that Imperium is going to be no more, our boy Katakuri asked me If I still want to be staff member in upcoming server where everything is just good and dandy, which is Dragonic,I say server but its actualy just better version of Imperium but with less content. I was happy that Katakuri invited me to be staff member in another server, because he really didin't had to, cause there was alot of staff members already, even so I accepted cause I loved to be that guy that "Players" could just ask questions and rely on him, even If I myself had small amounts of knowledge of the game. Anyway now that New players know who I am. I want to start telling you guys why I'm even writing this. 1. I reallly enjoyed playing this server cause it just had so many stuff I could do and after bugs got fixed I was even happier. 2. I played this server for very long time and just ending it like this would be a shame. ~300 Hours 1-12h per day. (could be more) 3. I think I deserve atleast explanation, on why I got punished, because I think that Kicking out from discord and then banning the guy after him waiting for 4-5 days getting back from stone age to modern ages just to play the game he liked very much Is just not fair in my case. Well Thanks for reading this "|Butthurt" Letter hopefully not the last one. PS. ( By saying "stone age" I litterely mean that The place I was In had not even a way to even communicate from distances)
  2. Monarh

    Im Ryuk

    Hello, Ryuk
  3. Monarh

    100 Boss Kills - All Loot

    Good luck even thought we can fight only like 5 bosses at the moment ^.^
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  5. Monarh

    Yui at your service

    Amazing introductions,I'm really impressed that someone invested some work in it 😄 Anyway It's nice to meet you, lets have some fun in game together ^.^
  6. Monarh

    I'm God

    Nice to meet you Kami-Sama Have fun in game 🙂