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  2. Architect

    problem with the game

    Hey welcome Freakpro, To start playing the game press this button : https://gyazo.com/ff028d1214a5743a7b474a88e717c680 Its just under Dragonic Logo. If this isn't the problem and it's not able to login. Due to blackscreen Try to reducing the settings. If you start playing the game all settings are on highest. Try to put "min" and or DirectX/OpenGL. Hope to see you in-game! Architect
  3. killfreakpro

    problem with the game

    i need someone to help me download the game please
  4. Hey everybody, Let's get right into it. Ports. Yes that "minigame" that everybody forgets cause it uses alot of time. And basically you never look after it. But I say, Ports is AMAZING. Why? Why would it be good? If you have to wait so long, and for what? Well first of all, yes it does take long. Look at PvMing. It would take you alot of time to have Nex Gear aswell and even having an noxious item. It's all waiting and grinding things out to be fair, same with ports. With alot of time you can achieve alot of things in Ports. But what I keep personally in mind is : I can get FREE Tier 90 Gear. Only costs : Time & Effort. Let's start off how to get there for the people who have no clue what ports even is. Ports is basically a sailing minigame. You send boats, they come back, sometimes the fail sometimes they succeed and you get points for it. To Begin doing Ports you need Atleast 1 level 90 skill of One of these : Agility Construction Cooking Divination Dungeoneering Fishing Herblore Hunter Prayer Runecrafting Slayer To get there simply go ;;home. And find the blue portal as in the image : After that you went in you come into ports Area. From that Points There are only 2 NPC's that are usefull. 1. the Partner 2. the Trader - The Partner makes you send your ship(s) - The Trader makes you buy ports items. So How Does This All Work? Simply said, You go to The Partner : And he'll begin to talk to send your ship Alpha. Then you can choose : 30 minute sailing 2hr Sailing 5hr Sailing 12hr Sailing or 24hr Sailing. Which is the best? Personally when I Play for example 5 hours I choose 2x 2hours. Why? Maybe low amount of loot but good for succeeding the sail. When I Sleep I do 12 hours. Sometimes it doesn't work sometime it does. It's all in preference. If you don't like to do Ports alot you can do 24 hours each time. Or just don't have enough time to being online. But it will have great impact on how fast you'll get the rewards then. There is also a noticeboard. Which says how much of each thing you have. Plate : Melee Gear Lacquer : Range Gear Chi Globe : Mage Gear Chime : Currencry in Ports (non tradeable) Ports Score : These points are basically only usefull for Comp Cape T Chime, so you know its currency. But for what is it currency? You start off with 1 ship, the more chimes you get the more ships you can send. More Ships = More Points & Gear Points As you can see I only have 2 ships. More than that you don't really need. What I Did in the beginning of ports whas All the plate, lacquer, chi globe I exchanged it for Chime. The faster you get your second ship the better. The other ships do cost quite more that's why I only have 2. And you'll waste alot of time in getting the 3rd ship before having gear. So right then The Rewards As mentioned Previously. You do get Tier 90 Gear. But with a Cost. ( a little one ) If you do manage to get alot of points and buy some gear. Keep In Mind. You need For Melee Gear -> 90 Smithing Range Gear -> 90 Fletching Mage Gear -> 90 Runecrafting To be able to buy the Gear. If you only need Range Gear you don't need to have Smithing 90 to be be able to buy it. Only have the requirement of the gear you want to have. NOTICE : This is how I do ports. For me this is efficient You don't have to do like me. It's all in preference. And how you live & play. Good luck Porting y'all - Architect
  5. Architect

    Improvement Of Discord

    Hi y'all, For the new players & Older players. We've recently changed Discord Server. Reason why we've changed ; - Old discord whas not fancy, - Old Discord whas not good enough, - Old Discord Didn't have enough category's to cover all the things needed, - Old Discord whas sloppy made (sorry dylan) - Didn't make the player like : oh yeah imma go on Dragonic's Discord. Discord Now : - Has Everything to cover as for Category's and Sub category's. - Covers Everything (even for future youtubers & twitch streamers) - Easy to navigate through - Easy to know who is who (with the ranks) - Fun (example meme section) just to have some while you using discord. - Constant Updates (If im getting creative) Now For Some Old To New pictures so you kow what the reason really is behind the new Discord. Old Server : New Server : There's a link on the old Discord To join the new one. If you join the new one you'll open a server with only 1 category. READ THE INTRO THAN DO WHAT ITS TELLING YOU TO DO. Than you'll unluck the discord server completely. Thank you all, Architect
  6. Architect

    The Architect

    Hello everyone My Name Is The Architect. You might have seen my in-game. I'm one of those guys who takes RsPs Seriously. Yes Those people exist (somehow). I've quitted runescape 3 after EoC Came. It decreased my bank value so much that i just said fuck this grind. Then I started playing RsPs. And realised this is much better to waste my time on. So little about me irl, I Live in Belgium. If you don't know where that is. It's a small country in the middle of France, Germany, The Netherlands. I speak English, Dutch & French. Im 20y Old. Im very competitive in-game. As for The Comp T Requirements only. (PS Yui you might start to Not Afk too much! 😉 ) And that's it i guess. Hope to you see you all in-game. I'm always willing to chat to pm when u want or duo something im always up for it.
  7. Monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Hello and welcome to this thread. I think some of you guys know me from previous server Imperium where I was trying my hardest to be reliable staff member, after some of us heard that Imperium is going to be no more, our boy Katakuri asked me If I still want to be staff member in upcoming server where everything is just good and dandy, which is Dragonic,I say server but its actualy just better version of Imperium but with less content. I was happy that Katakuri invited me to be staff member in another server, because he really didin't had to, cause there was alot of staff members already, even so I accepted cause I loved to be that guy that "Players" could just ask questions and rely on him, even If I myself had small amounts of knowledge of the game. Anyway now that New players know who I am. I want to start telling you guys why I'm even writing this. 1. I reallly enjoyed playing this server cause it just had so many stuff I could do and after bugs got fixed I was even happier. 2. I played this server for very long time and just ending it like this would be a shame. ~300 Hours 1-12h per day. (could be more) 3. I think I deserve atleast explanation, on why I got punished, because I think that Kicking out from discord and then banning the guy after him waiting for 4-5 days getting back from stone age to modern ages just to play the game he liked very much Is just not fair in my case. Well Thanks for reading this "|Butthurt" Letter hopefully not the last one. PS. ( By saying "stone age" I litterely mean that The place I was In had not even a way to even communicate from distances)
  8. Monarh

    Im Ryuk

    Hello, Ryuk
  9. Guest

    Ello, I'm Box(:

    Hiii @box :3
  10. Hello dragonicPS. i'm unaware of how long the server has been out/live but my first login i was hooked the server is beautiful. hoping i can stay and become a part of the community to watch it grow(: hope to see you all in-game collecting that loot!
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  12. Guest

    Im Ryuk

    Hiiii :33
  13. Ryuk

    Im Ryuk

    Hey there everyone! Look forward to seeing everyone in game!
  14. Guest

    Greeting's everyone !

    Hi, @Definitely_Not! You can just go a head and hit the "play" button on top of this website, then install the jar file. After this, you will be prompted to sign in to the server. Just create a new account by entering a username and a password!
  15. Definitely_Not

    Greeting's everyone !

    I have literally just signed up to play.. please dont shame me for this. but how do i log in to the client? 'Im use to where you just type the user and pass you want on the long in screen and bam! you logged in! I look forward to playing with everyone!
  16. Monarh

    100 Boss Kills - All Loot

    Good luck even thought we can fight only like 5 bosses at the moment ^.^
  17. Zarosian Fox

    Godwars Equipment *estimated pricing*

    look good to me, no outrageous prices o: Good Work ^~^
  18. We all dislike a broken economy system, that's why I (with some help from @Josh) decided to make an estimated price table for godwars items! Disclaimer: These are not fixed prices, just an estimate
  19. Hey, I'm Josh, I am going to starting recording all my boss drops from 100 of each boss kills. ill most likely start with all the GWD bosses and then work towards all the hard team bosses. I hope that you enjoy this series. If you would like to see a slayer monster apart of this as well list them and ill do my best to get the drops all recorded. please let me know what you think I should do next.
  20. My past Achievements
  21. Great introduction 🙂. Can't wait to compete with you for trimmed comp brother.
  22. Monarh

    Yui at your service

    Amazing introductions,I'm really impressed that someone invested some work in it 😄 Anyway It's nice to meet you, lets have some fun in game together ^.^
  23. My name is Yui, and I'm 16 years of age. I originally come from Japan, Yokohama- Though for just a few years ago I and my family took the big leap and moved to Norway, Close to Oslo. As for school I don't really do much, I've got 1 year of development class but I dropped out, simply because I was not comfortable with the learning pattern- Figuring I could learn whatever I want on my own. This is also something I have been doing for a "big" part of my life, I love the science and possibilities within computers; Per this day I would confidently say that I'm talented within Graphic Design, Animation, to-a-degree coding and Illustration. Being at home on my computer constantly learning new things is my method of completing my "years of school", so I one day will be educated enough to get some sort of income of my talents. I'm mostly a "way too" happy person, and I honestly tolerate more than I probably should. Though apart from being generally happy, I'm also really shy until I get over the first step on meeting new people- Some people are different though, and I can find a sort of safety in some types of people than others. At some points I can be bitchy, I honestly think someone has figured that already... But this only happens when I'm really tired or over-stressed about something- It's really rare though, and if you're the unlucky person witnessing it just tell me to go to bed and sleep away my current mood. (Honestly I probably wont, but It may make me realize I'm a little too much at the time being) ------------------------------- "When do you sleep?" That's always a question I get asked a lot, I think I've been called everything from an Dolphin to a bullfrog (They don't sleep), or Owl/Vampire- Though the simplest answer I have is that I have Insomnia, I simply find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. It has been a problem for a great part of my existence, though I kind of make it work and deny getting treatments for it- reasoning I don't believe it actually work. So that's for all you people wanting to compete- with me to top-weekly-game-time, you've got an insomniac to compete with cx ------------------------------- I live to achieve my goals I set, if I don't have a goal I will never progress and turn lazy. That's exactly why I put my goals high and far away, just like my goals on this server! The goal of reaching the Completionist (t) cape which I believe will take a while, though *Cough* Owner/Admin *Cough* you gotta add more within that time so I can make a new goal after my current! Naturally this affects me as a person as well, if I get a task I will make sure I get it done- no matter what the cost of myself. That's just the way I am! So far DragonicPS has become my favorite "hobby" and I can't wait to see the server grow from the point of where it is now! I'm really looking forward to seeing the future of this project, and I'm more than happy to help out with my experience within the talents I have to improve.
  24. Monarh

    I'm God

    Nice to meet you Kami-Sama Have fun in game 🙂
  25. God

    I'm God

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name's God/Henry. Found Dragonic on a random voting website and thought it looked super clean and was impressed by the website layout. Some things about myself: I'm a university student from California. I'm a computer science and finance double major. I enjoy playing soccer, watching tv, and going to the gym (weightlifting). Been playing Runescape/Rsps for like 10 years, hoping to grind this one and become the best 😜. Can't wait to meet whoever reads this in-game. And no big deal but I'm the first forum poster 😉. -God
  26. Guest

    Bossing Event

    Hello everyone, i thought we could host a group boss event for the new players!I will lend out gear for the event and do a goodiebag of all the loot i get! will be hosted at 6 pm mountain time(u.s & canada) Hope to see everybody there!
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